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SUNSET BLVD MIX music from an era gone by.

i. sleepy lagoon - harry james | ii. don’t be that way - benny goodman | iii. these foolish things remind me of you - benny goodman | iv. sing sing sing - benny goodman | v. white cliffs of dover - kay kyser | vi. let’s dance - benny goodman | vii. stompin at savoy - benny goodman | viii. pennsylvania 6-5000 - glenn miller | ix. don’t get around much anymore - duke ellington | x. i’m getting sentimental over you - tommy dorsey | xi. jukebox saturday night - glenn miller| xii. song of india- tommy dorsey | xiii. slow boat to china - kay kyser | xiv. moonlight serenade - glenn miller | xv. boogie woogie bugle boy - the andrews sisters | xvi. in the mood - glen miller | xvii. don’t sit under the apple tree - the andrew sisters | xviii. ciribiribin - harry james | ixx. the twilight zone theme- marius constant 

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    SUNSET BLVD MIX | music from an era gone by. i. sleepy lagoon - harry james | ii. don’t be that way - benny goodman |...

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