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bucky speaks in english most of the time but when he gets truly upset he reverts back to rapid fire russian and he can’t switch back to english until he’s calm again

instead of feeling shut out and useless, steve starts learning russian

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Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon in Muscle Beach Party (1963).



The Story Behind the Infamous “Hatbox Ghost”- Haunted Mansion

There was a character in the original Haunted Mansion attic scene that was removed almost immediately after the ride opened, it was called the Hatbox Ghost. The bride has always been there, and the Hatbox Ghost used to stand by her, his head would disappear off his shoulders and appear into the box he was holding along to the beat of her heart. He looked like an elderly ghost with a top hat, cloak, and cane. It is said the Hatbox Ghost was taken down because it’s appearance was too scary for guests. The other explanation is the lighting effect for the ghost didn’t work as planned, and Imagineers took it down as it did not work up to it’s explanations. Regardless of the short amount of time it lived, the Hatbox Ghost has quite a popular reputation with Disney goers who hope to see it return.

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